The Philip Begonja Humility Scholarship at Don Bosco Preparatory High School

We are excited to announce our newest scholarship awarded to Brian Gillen who graduated in May and is attending The University of Dayton in the fall. The award is given to a graduating senior who exemplifies humility. We were excited to have Marko present the award to Brian at the Senior Dinner on June 3rd 2016. 

We wish Brian good luck and are honored to support him in fulfilling his dreams!

The Philip Begonja Scholarship Award at Bergen Community College

The Philip Begonja Scholarship Award will provide support for academic excellence and help defray the educational costs at Bergen Community College. Preference will be given to students in financial need from urban environments in the New Jersey and New York areas. We intend to assist each student until graduation as long as the student remains in good academic standing. Bergen Community College is a comprehensive, publicly supported, two-year institution that enrolls nearly 16,000 students from 100 countries around the world. More than 9,000 students also are enrolled in non-credit, professional development courses. Bergen offers its students an affordable tuition rate far below the cost of many four-year institutions. 

2015 Scholarships

Anna K. Gonzalez

Nicholas Scales


Dear Foundation Officers,


It was both a privilege and a pleasure to attend the 3rd Annual Philip J Begonja Memorial Gala. I was delighted to finally meet Anthony and Lucija Begonja as well as their family and friends. At the Gala, I was taken aback at the strong sense of support for the Begonja’s; there was an atmosphere of support and camaraderie by people who believed in Philip’s principles. The mission behind the Philip’s Fund is to honor Philip who embodied the principle of altruism and it was apparent that everyone in that room was there to continue his legacy of altruism as well.

I wish to personally thank Lucija Begonja & Antonio Begonja as well as the generous guests who further invested in my education from their hearts. The Philip J Begonja Scholarship was a blessing in more ways than one. Besides facilitating my education, it has imbued a sense of purpose for my studies. I will incorporate and exemplify Philip’s principles in my studies and extracurricular activities, as well as, long after my studies. Philip’s legacy will be a large influence in my future endeavors for my intended career of dentistry.

I am certain that the next recipient for the Philip J Begonja Scholarship will carry the baton and continue Philip’s legacy of altruism through his/her studies as well. Your foundation is creating a community of people that will be committed to humanitarianism and will utilize their education to achieve that goal. The Philip J Begonja Scholarship is a means to help perpetuate the ideal of altruism and I truly thank you for it.


Most sincerely,

Anna K. Gonzalez

2014 Scholarship

Louis Isern

When we set out to create this scholarship in the name of Philip, we knew that it would need to be impactful for the individual selected.  What we weren't prepared for, was the impact that the individual would have on all of us.  We are ecstatic to have found such a deserving young man as our first recipient.  Louis Isern is a Bergen County resident who was in need of our support.   We had the honor of hosting him at our 2nd Annual Philip Begonja Memorial Foundation Gala in October 2014 and he blew everyone away from the beginning.  He is a young man with wisdom, character, integrity and humility...Not unlike Philip.  It was a perfect match.  We now understand what an impact that he is going to have on the foundation.  In a moving speech he gave in front of the 70 guests in attendance he said, "You aren't just helping me get through college.  You are providing me with an opportunity to care for my family and I know that one day, I will be able to give back to this foundation as you have given to me."  There is no doubt in our minds that he will.  Thank you, Louis.

Oradell Public School Most Improved Writer Award

 Oradell Public School

Oradell Public School

This is the third year in a row that Philip’s Fund has sponsored this award. Sharon McGill, sixth grade teacher at Oradell Public School has helped us with the selection process. The award is given to deserving fifth grade students who demonstrate significant improvement and aptitude in writing.