Career Day At PS 160

Antonio and Chef Anna Bolz visited PS 160 to participate in their Career Day.  We had lots of fun with the kids and the faculty! Thank you Chef anna for being a part of it.

 School Beautification Day

Our team of Volunteers came together for a meaningful morning in which we painted murals for the students. Thank you to everyone for their support for this event!

Polar Bear Boy

Story time with arts & crafts

Special thanks to Alanna, Jennifer and Maria for making story time so special for the students.


Philip's Fund has partnered with Change for Kids in helping P.S. 160 fulfill its motto: "Where Futures Begin." What started with school supplies for kindergarten students has grown to literacy programs and exposure to cultural experiences for the entire student body – experiences that further the school's mission of creating “a learning environment that nurtures the greatest level of student achievement, builds self-esteem, and champions the value of education.”

We are proud to support the Literacy program through book of the month reading classes and Story Pirates. Our goal is to build a library that will have books and computers necessary for the students to be prepared for the future.